Tuesday, February 26, 2008

im a posting fool today

I've slacked and just noticed lol

I def slacked but the news section has been updated.

Last Call Preview

Here's a clip from Last Call with Carson Daly


Forrest Wannabe

So I saw on one person's comment on PerezHilton.com that they think the guy in Mariah's new video reminds them of Forrest Kline....so I watched and wasted precious moments of my time listening to Mariah Carey's new shizz...

and the guy does not look like Forrest AT ALL but...he does try to copy his movements and I think in the yard scene he was trying to get a little "Here In Your Arms" fashion going on. I think Forrest deserves some credit for being the inspiration of a Mariah Carey video! haha! Bet you thought you would never hear that!! Take a look for yourself...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

yay new bulletin!!!

frat lauderdale!!!

what up FL, we just flew on in to play at nova southeastern uni and we wanna parrrty. come out to the show if youre from where duane the rock johnson is from. which is florida. and then lets go to a frat party! frat guys don't like me sometimes because i steal away many college girls with my incredible muscles and sports related prowess. and my keg standing and beer shotgunning skills. they are powerless.

xo forrest

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Did you....?

Get the special edition CDs yet?

or a text message from hellogoodbye?
to get text messages from hellogoodbye CLICK HERE

That should be the right link I signed up for it awhile back so I dunno :S

Nuuuu Bullletiiin

From Myspace:

carson daly airing tonight, aaron flora.

one of the songs we played on last call with carson daly on nbc is gonna air tonight i think. according to nbc.com... that is legitimately where i get my info, you would think someone would like contact us or something... but yeah. im not sure if its oh, it is love or baby its fact. but either way AARON FLORA is involved. which is a special treat. QUITE a special treat. more so than the vegan chocolate peanut butter cake me and chels are baking right now. so tune in. chow down. suck face!

so thats NBC @ 1:30 am. tonight.


ps: in other news me and ryan spent some time while we travelled to san jose to play for itunes (some weird thing. i dunno) making up porno versions of popular movie titles like... (parental advisory... PLOS!!!) (also don't judge me, im pretty mature. maybe)

analize this - anal-lize this
my big fat greek wedding - my big fat greek wetting
spinal tap (a rockumentary) - vaginal tap (a cockumentary)
best in show - best in blow
waiting for guffman - waiting for muffman (thats a whole christopher guest series there.
searching for bobby fischer - searching for bobby fister
twister - fister

i duno the list goes downhill pretty fast and im getting bored of writing them cause theres a cake in the oven. LETS HEAR YOUR SUGGESTIONS!!! WHATF UN!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Last Call with Carson Daly?

Word on the street lol hellogoodbye is supposed to be on Last Call with Carson Daly on February 19th....we'll see...


Friday, February 15, 2008

Free tickets to see hellogoodbye on Carson Daly

Hellogoodbye will be taping a live performance on Last Call with Carson Daly on Monday in Burbank, CA and if you are in the LA area, you can come to the show!

Click here to get free tickets now!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Everyone's talkin bout hellogoodbye

Check out the Article You had us at Hello by Amy Howard (here's a lil snippet of it):

Kline rushed the stage with Kurvink, Profeta and Head barreling behind.

"Them baggy sweat pants and the Reeboks with the straps," sang Kline.

The audience shrieked along with the T-Pain song reference. Kline introduced Head to the audience, warning them that they hadn't practiced yet.